About Sunny In America


PicsArt_05-29-01.44.12America is a beautiful country filled with limitless possibility. This melting pot of cultures and historic backgrounds makes America unique and life in America interesting. Here we will document the adventures of one American, Sunny, who has decided to see all that this magnificent country has to offer. But it wasn’t just the excitement of travel alone that gave Sunny the courage to leave her home behind.
There was more to it; a question turned into an idea evolved into a concept. The question, “What makes Americans American?”, turned into the idea that Americans aren’t American just because of the land they live on, but that there must be more to it.

Which brings us to the concept, the purpose of this website. We, as Americans today, don’t have a culture all our own. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our greatest strength is that we’re a melting pot of every culture, but it has caused us to segregate ourselves. Christians and atheists, republicans and liberals, hispanics and caucasians, activists and conformists, black lives and blue lives, rich and poor, politicians and people; we stand divided.  If you ask someone what it means to be an American, they will most likely give you a different answer than someone else. So, what makes Americans American?

The answer could not be found in Sunny’s
small farming community where being American means cattle, crops, God, bonfires, guns, beer, and telling the government to stay out of their business while personally knowing the whole towns private affairs. The answer also cannot be found in a city where being an American means protests, desk jobs, Uber, atheism, Starbucks, museum districts, and the desire to instigate positive change in the world while walking by homeless veterans each day during rush hour. No, the answer is not found in any one place, but clues are found in every town, city, and district. Someone just needs to go there and ask the right questions. Someone needs to document the American lifestyle and define its culture or we risk never bridging the gap. So Sunny took off, to travel the United States and see its greatness first hand with her traveling partner Aaron.


PicsArt_05-29-01.45.20With her passions in writing and photography, she was sure she could successfully answer the question of what makes Americans American. A grand adventure turned into a mission; Sunny plans to document all she sees to try and answer this complex query while also telling a one of a kind story; the tale of Sunny In America.

You can follow Sunny In America by attraction type, state, or topic and see what she found near your desired location, or what clues to the answer your area provided. If Sunny hasn’t been to the area yet, be patient! She is still on the road, and typically stays in an area for a week before traveling on to the next location.

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